EDF- Vicksburg Warren County Economic Development Foundation

Located 40 minutes from the new Nissan plant in Canton, MS. The Vicksburg Economic Development Foundation is committed to providing the city of Vicksburg with all the help and resources it needs to maintain and become an even stronger economic area. With our help, and with the help of our legion of supporters, Vicksburg is fast becoming one of the Nation’s best place to work and live.

Even with the United States currently in a depression, jobs are thriving in Vicksburg, and throughout the Warren County as well.

Vicksburg Economic Development foundation would like to thank the many individuals and businesses who help support our local businesses. We’d also like to specially thank some of the local companies who went above and beyond:

  • Shipping Container Pros – a leader in the shipping container industry, they’ve supplied countless shipping containers for relief efforts for years.
  • Mastercard – One of the world’s most trusted credit cards, accepted by nearly all of the fine local Vicksburg businesses.

Welcome to Vicksburg.